Space, Spaghetti and Aliens

Space, Spaghetti and Aliens


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Invent your own jelly-wobbling, goose-bumping, giggling good space stories with this award winning creative storytelling card game!

Designed for little humans aged 4+ to be played with a big human for collaborative, silly story play. Together, unleash a story world filled with blackholes, aliens, friendly cheese moons, flaming hot meteorites, adorable space whales, teensy weensy little stars and Theo- the slobbery space dog.


Ages: Children aged 4-9
Players: 1-4 (adjust gameplay for up to 10 players)
Inside each pack:
20 Jumbo Matte Cards - 17cm x 11.5cm !! Including 1x Magic Holographic Item card !!
Ways to play manual (remember, there’s no strict rules, you’re in control- you crazy story scientist!)
Box Dimensions: 20.6cm (H) x 15.1cm (W) x 2.5cm (D) Secure magnetic snap lock




Oral storytelling, creative writing prompts, improvisation scenes, ice-breakers, classroom tool, brainstorm exercise, bedtime stories and more!

Inspire creative confidence
Highly exploratory and flexible game play to ignite your imagination.

Double sided cards
Tell a story using the front side (colourful illustrations), the backside (STEM facts and fantasy storylines), or both!

Mix packs. Built worlds.
Different theme, same rules. Each pack in the Talu Tales range is designed to be smooshed together; Space with Egypt, Underwater with Dino’s. It all works!.

Early development skills
Back and forth turn taking for improved verbal storytelling skills, co-operative play and language acquisition.