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It started with a jellyfish.

As all good stories do.


One day, whilst building a prototype musical jellyfish game out of bubble wrap together, Annabel and Deb *zinged*. After realising that their brains and hearts sparkled in a similar way- they thought it only sensible to create more bubble wrap and non bubble wrap things together.

And so, Little Literature Co. was born, to explore the intersection between design, science, singing pancakes, technology and story play.


Little Literature Co. is an experimental storytelling studio.


We love technology.

We really do, but sometimes, it gets in the way of play. That’s why we invest in R&D to explore ways in which digital can create more immersive storytelling and connected experiences; sans screens. We love experimenting with voice, sound and toys that blip and bloop.


We love STEM.

Little Literature Co. was founded by two girls who love science. Unfortunately STEM toys are more likely to be designed to target little boys than girls. At LL.Co we don’t see exploding stars and black holes as mutually exclusive to cute smiling cheese moons and Egyptian princesses. We design our stories with every little brain in mind.


We love play.

Children are filled with creative confidence, and sometimes, adults are not. Our games are designed for big and little humans to play and invent together- for adults to share their planning and thinking skills, and children to share their confidence and curiosity skills. Collaborative play reminds us of how magic, bright, creative, smart and hearty we truly are.


We believe the best stories are the ones floating around in your brain soup.

We create games and experiences to bring your stories out into the world. Because after all, stories are best served shared.