Little Literature Co.

Billie the Astronaut Cover for 'Talu Tales: Space, Spaghetti and Aliens'

Launching Soon

Talu Tales is a series of storytelling card games that introduce all the elements of a story to children aged 4–9.

Designed to make STEM education more accessible, each pack in the series is stuffed full of cheeky characters, sneaky aliens and things that go zoom-squish-kaboom!

With infinite combinations possible, Talu Tales is for big and little humans to imagine, build and invent stories that don’t yet exist (but definitely should).

Annabel Blake and Deborah Ho

Who is Little Literature Co.?


We’re a little creative studio founded by two pals; creative strategist Annabel Blake and art director Deborah Ho.

At LL. Co we believe the best stories are the ones floating around in your brain soup. And we’re on a quest to create tools that help bring your story universe out into the world.

Talu Tales is the first chapter of this quest, and will be launching on Kickstarter in early 2019.