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Talu Tales

A new way to tell and share stories


Stories told differently.
Because they’re told by you.


Talu Tales is a multi-award-winning card game filled with all the ingredients you need to invent and tell magical stories.

Designed to make science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) more accessible, each pack contains a mix of real-world facts and fantasy storylines for kids and adults to co-create stories together.

Have all of the fun.
And none of the bored.


Learn Through Play
Story play with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Build Creative Confidence
Mix together ingredients to build a big, wacky
and creative story world.


Unplug from Screens
And plug into your imagination. It’s funtime without the screentime.


New Release


Calling all Space lovers!

This intergalactic themed story pack, Space, Spaghetti and Aliens is overflowing with cheeky aliens, exploding stars, werewolves, space whales, cheese moons, hungry black holes, singing meteors and Theo. The slobbery space dog.


Take a peek inside the box


20 Jumbo Cards
Illustrations and story prompts from an award winning Australian designer-author duo.


Ways to Play Manual
Flexible gameplay and multiple mini-games to keep storytellers on their toes!

Magic Hologram Card
Every pack has one shimmery, sparkly magic item card hidden inside.


Find out more about our approach to storytelling


What other humans have said


Tea Uglow
Creative Director
Google Creative Lab

Talu Tales is a pure delight, and a practical way to inch child-based mayhem towards collaboration and exploration - creating spaces for stories with real-world STEM facts and wild-booster-powered broccoli chairs.


Joelie Chisholm
Water Polo Australia

“Playing Talu Tales is a fun way to engage and expand the wonderful imaginations my children have. The cards allow both readers and non-readers alike to tell amazing stories with exciting characters and subjects!”


Dr. Amy Bird
Clinical Psychologist 

“Talu Tales is a fun, unique approach to encouraging parents and children to tell stories together. These conversations are the foundation of language and literacy skills and the fluid game structure means there is something here for every child.”